In 1989, the Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation was organized to help restore one of Houston’s oldest and culturally rich communities. A neighborhood with strong growth after WWII and during the 1950s, the Fifth Ward suffered a gradual decline in the 1960s as businesses and residents began moving to other areas. During the 1990s, community organizations provided the first steps for the renewal that is still going on today.

photo of Deluxe Theater on Lyons Avenue
Reovated Deluxe Theater on Lyons Avenue

The Fifth Ward Today

The Fifth Ward retains considerable cultural and historical relevance, and many of its once famous sites are being restored. The Deluxe Theater, a symbol of the Lyons Avenue Corridor, is in the process of being renovated. The City of Houston has approved a $6.8 million project to restore the building and convert it into a multipurpose resource center, housing a library, a theater, and other shared spaces. Located in the heart of the Fifth Ward community, right next to the historic Julia C. Hester House, Boyce-Dorian park is dedicated to the memory of Rev. James H.M. Boyce and Louis Dorian.

photo of Boyce-Dorian Park
Boyce-Dorian Park entrance on Erastus Street